Friday, January 30, 2015

Cedar Crest Lodge, Pleasanton, KS Wins Award - iLoveInns 2015 Top 10 Romantic Inns

GREAT NEWS! Matt and I have just received notification that Cedar Crest Lodge has earned one of iLoveInns 2015 Top 10 Romantic Inns awards!!! 

"For the 22nd year, the company has chosen the Top 10 Romantic Inns. This year, after months of consideration by full time staff members who research inns eight hours a day and rounds of rounds of sometimes heated discussions, they have chosen the 2015 Top 10 Romantic Inns."


Barcelona Lakeside B&B, Westfield, N.Y.
Middleton Inn, Washington, Va.
Cedar Crest Lodge, Pleasanton, Kan.
Prospect Hill Plantation Inn, Lousia, Va.
The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, La Jolla, Calif.
Alegria Oceanfront Inn & Cottages, Mendocino, Calif.
Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, Carson, Wash.
Full Circle Ranch B&B Inn, Cave Creek, Ariz.
Castle in the Country B&B, Allegan, Mich.
The Bridgeton House on the Delaware, Upper Black Eddy, Pa.

We are unbelievably excited to be a part of this esteemed list and can't tell you how grateful we are to our loyal guests who post such wonderful reviews on our behalf.  Thank you!

For those of you who missed the notification of our award in December, Cedar Crest Lodge was named by their staff as one of 2014's Top 10 Hidden Escapes!  Again, thank you to all who "share the love" with others.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cedar Crest Lodge, Pleasanton, KS - Romance, Rest and Reunions

"Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour." 
                                                                                                   - William Cowper  
                                        he Task (1785)--'The Timepiece' (Book II, lines 606-7)

I will be the first to proclaim that I like a certain amount of change in my life.  Monotony is NOT my friend and I become very irritable at the thought.  That is one of the reasons I consider myself fortunate to be a part of our family business.  Even though it appears that we at Cedar Crest Lodge simply offer lodging for guests - our purpose (and variety) goes way beyond that simple task.

As I am typing this, we are hosting a 4-night family reunion for 35 people ranging in age from 6 weeks to 87 years.  Yesterday, a family left to travel back to 3 different states after staying here for a 3-night reunion.  If the amount of laughter and smiles are an indication - both families will walk away with a heart full of memories. 

Last weekend our couples consisted of a 29th birthday celebration, an out-of-state vacation, a couple reconnecting with each other, a Mom and daughter getaway, and 3 anniversary couples.  As you can see, these guests were all looking for more than a place to lay their heads at night.  I believe they were looking for an experience to take back with them to their day-to-day lives. 

To me, "variety is the spice of life" and I am proud to say that Cedar Crest Lodge can offer a variety of experiences to many different people.  It is, in fact, the essence of what we are all about:  a respite for guests who need to reconnect with each other, nature, God or even themselves. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cedar Crest Lodge Menu Update for a Healthier 2013

In July of last year our blog was about catering to various food allergy and dietary needs.  As I wrote at that time, we would be happy to work around any special dietary requirements our guests need.  The more advanced notice we have, the better. 

As I sit here now and contemplate my own dietary delimma (basically, how to develop a heathier diet for not only me, but my family) it seems fitting to offer healthier options to our guests as well. 

Our picnic lunches have been a great add-on for our guests and although nutrionally balanced, they could be lightened up in terms of nutrient quality.  Starting in February, Cedar Crest Lodge will offer certain "Healthful Alternative" choices to our menu.  Our "Healthful Alternative" picnic will include whole grains, fresh vegetables, low-fat proteins and fresh fruit.  Additional snack offerings will also be added to our menu such as a Hummus and fresh Vegetable Tray, as well as Fresh Fruit.

I look forward to sharing all of the new recipes I have been working on so that we can offer these healthier options.  We hope these changes will give you more to choose from and enhance your stay with us at Cedar Crest Lodge!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Enjoying Fall in the Country at Cedar Crest Lodge Bed & Breakfast

I've said it before, but will continue to repeat myself:  this place was meant for fall.  The rustic design of the lodge, the colors, the setting are all ideal for this time of year.  This season - it rocks!!  Who would have guessed that the drought we had this summer would ever give way to the vibrant, colorful fall we see before us now. 

It's like we are in some alternate universe as our gardeners, Lisa and Tina, have been busy picking over 100 heads of dahlias, fresh green beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach!  Mema and the boys spent some time picking pears which are now ripening.  Isn't it November??!!  Check out our beautiful floral displays below.

I guess the old adage, "don't ask questions" applies here.  I'll just be quiet and enjoy.  Happy Fall, everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cedar Crest Lodge Bed & Breakfast Catering to Special Diets and Food Allergies

When we opened for business just over twelve years ago (July 14, 2000 to be exact) there was a lady who stayed with us on a fairly frequent basis who was lactose intolerant.  Even though I had heard of this problem, it was my first encounter with preparing food for those who may be allergic or intolerant of certain food items.

Fast forward to today and a typical day in our kitchen where we are consistently working around various food allergies and special dietary needs.  Highly allergic to nuts, cannot have gluten, no diary . . . no problem!  Our most challenging yet was a guest who needed a gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegetarian diet.  I have to admit, I did have to ponder that one for a while.  In the end we had an extremely happy guest! 

So, if you're nervous about staying with us because of special dietary needs - worry no more!  Just be sure to let us know in advance of your stay and we will work to provide you with a meal you not only enjoy now, but will continue to enjoy later ; )  Bon Appetit!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cedar Crest Lodge B&B Provides Fresh from the Garden Produce for Guests

This is a brilliant idea for all of our "garden enthusiast" guests!  If you have been here within the last couple of years you would know that we try to grow as much of the fresh produce we use as possible.  It's one of the ways we try to give you the best experience imaginable during your stay.  And, no worries, everything is grown organically.  Who can resist a refreshing salad of tender young lettuces or warm blueberry muffins made with fresh-picked blueberries?  I am partial to warm, ripe Mr. Stripey heirloom tomatoes from the vine.  Whatever your favorites are, we are giving you a chance to let you help us plan a bed for our expanding garden this year.

We would like to hear from as many of our guests as we can.  Let us know what your favorites are and those with the most requests will land a spot in the "Guests Garden".  Not only will you help determine what is in the garden, if you're up to it - we'll let you get in and get your hands dirty too!  A little watering here, a little weeding there.  You can do as much or as little as you want.  If there is something that needs picked, bring it on up and we'll cook it for your dinner that evening.  It doesn't get any fresher than that!

So Facebook us your request now.  Please be specific, not just "tomatoes", but San Marzano Plum tomatoes.  Not just "lettuce", but Butterhead Lettuce.  You get the idea.  Keep in mind that space in the guest garden will be at a premium so watermelons and corn will be discouraged.  I would even like to hear ideas for naming the garden.  So, let's have fun with this, folks!  We are looking forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Girls' Getaway!

For me, the autumn season brings with it a sense of nostalgia associated with a new school year, football games, bonfires, and huge leaf piles of years gone past.  Recently, I was able to relive a few of those memories during a girls' getaway weekend with my BFFs!  The number of years we have known each other will never be revealed, but the word "decades" comes to mind.

At a little white farmhouse in the country, we sat together and laughed once again as past stories were revisited and felt sadness for those life-changing moments that are out of our control.  We explored our temporary retreat wondering about the history of the house ("What exactly is that creepy log building with all the farm implements hanging on it?!") and we watched the cows as they wondered about us.  Ignoring all so-called diets or noshing protocol, we ate whatever we wanted (including the wonderful handmade chocolates we purchased at the local candy store).  Yes, the weekend was perfect!

Although I was somewhat sad to say goodbye as our weekend came to an end, I also came away with a sense of tranquility.  The weekend was, indeed, restful.  More so, I was at peace with the knowledge that not only do my girls and I have a history that no one can take away from us, but I am blessed that we can continue making new memories.  That was the best part of my weekend! (Followed closely by the chocolate : P ).

Missing your friends?  Plan your girls' getaway weekend at Cedar Crest Lodge - you will be so happy you did!  Packages available for large groups.  Just a few of you?  No problem, book a couple of rooms and relax! AND, you can get your chocolate fix with some s'mores at the firepit!